Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Eve Eve

Nothing like showing back up on a blog you've been MIA on for a few months......and showing up just in time to party for New Year's Eve.  That's my style.....only show up for the excitement.  Naaa, I'm not rude like that, just overwhelmed by my lack of time management.  I went back to school, started playing sports again and had to choose between blogging and books.  Easy choice for me, but the parental units decided I needed more books in my life.  Ugh, responsibility. we get ready to ring in 2013, I promise to do better at blogging!   And we're gonna party like it's 1999 2013.  What rhymes with that?

And to live up to that promise, here are some great party dresses!!   These won't break the bank and some of them can be recycled for other seasons.  Gotta love a dress that does double-duty!

Romwe, $59.99

Mango, $80

Delia's $55

Charlotte Russe, $36.99
ModCloth, $49.99
Modcloth, $90

Modcloth, $85

Modcloth, $52.99
F21, $30

F21, $34.80

So what are you going to wear on the biggest party night of the year?