Monday, July 30, 2012

Back from Vacay

My mom and I (and a group of her best friends, including her) went to Chicago for a few days.   We do it every year and it's become our favorite girls long weekend away!  We all went and did whatever we wanted during the day and met back for dinner.  I chose shopping, the Lincoln Park zoo, more shopping and the beach, of course!  I'm so sleeping in til noon on this vacay, but it was worth it!

Skirt:  Kohl's, Tank:  Old Navy, Flops:  Aeropostale

Giraffe from Lincoln Park Zoo.  Isn't she adorable? 
I'm not into whatever these newt-things are but it was cool it was hanging on the glass like that.

There'll be more beach pictures soon!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oops, I Did It Again......N.E.O.N!!!

Sorry for my absence this last week.  I've been at the farm where there is NO internet.   Now I'm getting ready to leave again on vacation so I promise I will be back blogging soon.

It's no secret that I'm crazy about neon.  I'm just totally going for it with this look.  I'm not scared to pile it on!  I was asked to do a guide on how to wear neon and I'll be writing the guide tomorrow as the vacay begins with a 5 hour drive.  Just wish I had a laptop!   

Here are some shorts I made with neon studs I got from ebay for cheapo.  I paired the shorts with a neon tissue shirt and a pair of my neon Converse.  Excuse the hair.  Nothing good happens when the humidity hovers at 82%. 

Do you like neon as much as I do?  

Shorts:  DIY
Shirt:  JCPenney's
Tank:  Old Navy
Shoes:  Converse
Neon Earrings:  Claire's
Necklace:  Claire's

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Zoo Keeper

I have had another busy week.  When did my summer become this rushed?  But I did have time to run to the zoo on a day that we had a break from 105 degrees.  It was only 96 this day but it's never too hot to bling it out, right?  I love my new tank top!

This guy has got the right idea!!!

Skirt:  Abercrombie & Fitch (old)
Tank:  JCPenney's
Shoes:  Ebay

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Neon Cobalt

Oh hey there!  Yes, long time no post from me again.  S.T.I.L.L. trying to get internet issues worked out.   Holy crap, I'm about to lose my mind!  But you don't wanna hear excuses, so take a look at my latest outfit.  The neon top should be no surprise but I combined it with electric blue (cobalt) and then threw on my boots.  I know you were expecting a pair of Converse from me, but even I can think outside the Converse box once in a while!   What do you think?

Top:  Old Navy
Tank Top:  Old Navy
Shorts: Target
Boots: TJMaxx
Sunnies:  Thrifted

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mixing Prints

I was good at mixing prints when I was 4 years old and thought I looked hot in clashing patterns and colors.  I was proud to dress myself and show it all off.  Somewhere along the way my mom someone interfered with me dressing myself and I'm having a hard time going back to mixing prints.  Here's my feeble steps people, baby steps!

Sorry for another lapse in my regular posts and commenting.  I'm changing internet providers and it's not going well.  I feel like I get better internet service standing outside in the yard with 2 tin cans and a ball of aluminum foil while my mom is inside feeding the gerbils to whirl the internet wheel.  Disgusted, absolutely disgusted.  I'll be back in rare usual form shortly!  Thanks for your patience loves!!

Skirt:  Thrifted
Jacket:  Thrifted
Shirt:  Old Navy (old)
Sandals:  Ebay
Sunnies:  Thrifted
Lips:  NYC Blue Rose
Jewelry:  Thrifted, Vintage

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dip Dye

I'd like to show you a little suit that I dip dyed myself.  This thing has taken me almost a month to dye and if I told you the whole story of how I..........thrifted the suit for $4.95, dip dyed it, spilled the dye, got it all over the clothes I was wearing and then hung it up to dry outside.  Then a storm came and rained on the suit and washed most of the dye out then I bleached it to white again and dyed it again and this time the navy blue dye didn't turn out'd think that was craziness.  Oh wait, I did just tell you the whole story.  That isn't craziness.  Who could make up crap like that?  It's true.  That happened.  That is my dip dye story.  Sometimes things just don't work out but this weird funky color grew on me and I decided to work it.

So I worked it at a garden party.  Confidence is 99% of a look, right?  I slipped around the front of this old house and strutted like a rooster in my new sexy silver shoes.  The neighbors were watching and dogs were barking.   That's classy and appropriate.  

Suit:  Thrifted and DIY dye job
Shirt:  Old Navy
Shoes:  Ebay
Clutch:  DIY
Sunnies:  Prada inspired
Lips:  NYC Mahogany
Bracelet:  Thrifted and vintage

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Heat Wave

No relief in sight on the over 100 degree temps.  I spent the 4th (Independence Day or 4th of July or just the 4th) in my grandparents pool, hopping out only to eat and exchange my wet towel for a dry one.  And of course a run to Walmart for more sunscreen.  Here's what I threw on and after the hour long trip, the denim shorts were stuck to my......backside like glue.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to peel off sweaty denim?  Gross.

I made those shorts by cutting off a pair of jeans and then sewing the lace on the hems.  I wanted the hems to be left jagged so I didn't look like some cute little Raggedy Ann doll in bloomers.   

Excuse me now while I go lay face down in my bed with the ceiling fan whirring at warp speed.

Shorts:  DIY
Shirt:  Thrifted
Bag:  Old Navy
Shoes:  Ebay
Sunnies:  Thrifted
Bracelet:  Thrifted
Lips:  NYC Mahogany

Monday, July 2, 2012

Country Aztec Girl

I disappeared over the weekend and stayed at the pool.  I hate the heat.  Hate heat.  I want nothing to do with any temperature over about 90.  So enough whining.  I went to my grandparent's where they live in the country and have a pool.  After severe thunderstorms rolled though yesterday, we lost power so no internet for me for 14 hours.  I'm over it.

Here's my new aztec print skirt that I got a month or so ago.  Pairing it with a white t-shirt was perfect--keepin it cool!  I'm sorry I've been MIA and I'll come and visit your blogs soon!!!

Skirt:  Aeropostale
T-Shirt:  Old Navy
Tank:  Old Navy 
Sandals: Nine West
Bag:  Coach (vintage)
Sunnies: Prada inspired
Lips: NYC Mahogany